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Downingtown Country Gifts began in 2000 with a couple of guys attending craft shows and church fairs selling small crafts and holiday items.  We soon had a loyal following of folks who followed us from fair to fair waiting to see what was new.

To set ourselves apart from the crowd, we built an old-fashioned market cart that would allow our friends to quickly find us at each event.

A few years later, we opened our brick and mortar location on Lancaster Avenue and were there until October 2015.  We were proud to offer the old-fashioned customer service that is lacking in most retail stores today.  Not only are we family owned and operated, but we are proud to know most of our customers by name.  We enjoy sharing our pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and some idle conversation with them as well as our fine selection of gifts, home & holiday décor, and collectibles.

As we embark on new adventure in 2015, we will keep our online store open and please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something special.  The merchandise in our online store will shift and change over the coming months, but keep your eye on us.  You never know what new items will appear or even where we will appear!

George Lutz & Spencer Pyle